Domestic Cleaning

Accidents happen and the thought of cleaning the mess can be stressful. Live in your home worry-free with our exemplary domestic cleaning service.

Keeping Your Surfaces Clean

Remember how amazing your new flooring looked when it was first installed? Direct can restore your surfaces so that you can experience that fresh feeling all over again. A pristine finish is what makes a house a home. Transform your space and impress your guests with our domestic cleaning.

Maintain Hygiene

It’s not always easy to tell how deep the dirt has buried. Surfaces in the home are well trodden and prone to dust and bacteria, resulting in an unhygienic atmosphere. With children and pets constantly playing on the floor, it’s vital that you keep the environment as clean as possible to avoid them catching any nasty bugs.

Save Money

Neglecting to thoroughly clean your carpet or wooden flooring can lead to substantial replacement costs. You’ll need more than just a vacuum and shampoo to prolong your surfaces. At Direct, we always provide a superior finish to maintain beautiful interiors.

Impress Visitors

Once our experts have completed the clean, you’ll find that the colour and brightness has returned, instantly enhancing your interior. Carpets will feel incredibly soft while hard flooring has that sleek, fresh appearance, ready to welcome any guests into your beautiful home.

Live Comfortably

With our advanced training and industry experience, we remove the stress out of domestic cleaning. Accidents happen around the home and it’s not always easy to tackle stubborn stains. If the mark becomes a nuisance that you can’t help but notice, then you can rely on us to quickly solve the problem with premier cleaning equipment. You’ll be sinking into the sofa to watch a family movie in no time.

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